Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Handbag Compact | Joan Collins Beauty

One thing that is always in my bag - normally rolling around at the bottom - is a lipstick! Most of the time it's the one I'm wearing that day or just the one I picked up in a rush on the way out so it could be any colour. The other item that is normally in my bag somewhere is a powder and brush. As someone with oily skin, this is an essential when I know I'm out all day. However, with all this rolling around at the bottom of my bag, there comes a few problems but Joan Collins Beauty have solved all of these!



They have created the most beautiful compact that includes everything I need in one place! It comes with a lipstick in this gorgeous shimmery red and is such a classic shade that would look amazing on all skin tones. The gold glitter particles really catch the light on your lips and I think this makes it such a summery shade! Included is a powder and, while this is a little orange for me, I've still been using it as it really helps to matte down any shine but doesn't create a caky look as it's so lightweight. You also get a lot of product even though the compact looks quite small! The 'sponge' it comes with just reminds me of something Coco Chanel would have used! It's made from a super soft material which feels so kind to your skin but still picks up and applies the powder well.

The compact also has a decent sized mirror with is half the size of the complete thing so you can actually see what your applying - none of the annoying magnified/blurry/tiny mirrors here! I love how everything just fits together with the lipstick having it's own place and the sponge fitting onto of the powder to stop fall out going everywhere. This is all firmly locked into place by the lid and as it is made of metal and a secure closing, you don't have to worry about anything falling out of it or getting red lipstick over everything inside your bag, it's all together in one place.

The compact is the perfect size for throwing into any bag and it's also so easy to find without rummaging! If you have other Joan Collins lipsticks, you can simply put them inside the compact instead of the red! Honestly, how did I cope before without this amazing and beautiful little thing?!

Is this something you are going to purchase for your handbag?
Love Laura x

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  1. I love the shimmering specks in it! As well as the packaging. The lipstick looks like a lovely colour too

    Tori |