Saturday, 24 June 2017

Festival Health Essentials With Superdrug

It's summer so it's festival time and while we all plan our outfits and makeup, not always a lot if thought goes into what health essentials are needed, until we get the most painful blister or blinding dust-in-the-eye situation! I don't know about you, but Superdrug is my go-to for health items, so I've teamed up with them to bring you my top 3 health festival essentials you need this festival season!


As well as going to a couple of festivals, summer means I'm spending even ore time outside and in particular at horse shows which are normally just in fields. With this in mind, I do get prone to getting dry, itchy eyes which is so irritating! Let me tell you, hay seeds/dust and /or sand in your eye is one of the most painful things! Normally eye drops help to relive them but they are so hard to do o your own (and if you hate things near your eye) so I know that Superdrug's Dry Eye Mist* is going to become a staple in my bag as it is so easy to use. You simply spray over a closed eye and somehow it magically goes into your eyes and relives the 'dryness'!

Having a full day/afternoon/evening out doing something with friends can be so tiring, so how about a little pick me up? Glucose Plus C* contains Vitamin C to help give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day, which, to be fair, your going to need if your at a festival for 3+ days! You also get a lot of it in this box so it's sure to last a while as you only have 1 spoonful a day when you think your going to need it.

How cute are these plasters?!* I don't know about you, but I pretty much always have plasters in my bag - you never know when you're going to need one! From paper cuts to blisters, plasters are so helpful to have around and I love that these come in a metal tin meaning they are harder to loose at the bottom of your bag or end up in a soggy cardboard mess when it rains.

These are without a doubt my essentials for summer events and I honestly can't get over those plasters, they make a small injury slightly more funny! What are you health festival essentials?
Love Laura x

*Brand gift
All opinions are my own

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