Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Blogmas Day 6 - So eco Powder Brush

With Christmas party invites being sent out by the batch load, you know your makeup needs to not only look as flawless as possible, but also last the entire night. For this, you will no doubt be using either a pressed or loose powder to set your face, so you need a decent brush right? This is where the amazing So eco Powder Brush* comes in!



To me, a good powder brush should be big enough to cover a decent amount of your face but also small enough to find in your powder pot and this is exactly what this one from So eco does. The brush itself is so super soft but still allows you to pick up enough product without it all just dropping off  - something I tend to find with soft powder brushes. To sum it up, it is the perfect amount of fluffiness! The handle itself is made from bamboo, which links in with the eco part of their name and also how the brushes are made. Every part of the brush - and every other that they sell - has being sourced to be 100% eco friendly, with recycled aluminium and cruelty free bristles, along with the packing being is also 100% recyclable and made using plant friendly vegetable inks. Basically, this brush is even good for the environment, never mind just your face!

The handle itself has small, finger size indentations which not only make it a lot easier and comfier to hold, but also make sure you are holding it in the correct place. We all know that how near to the bristles you hold the brush, the easier/harder it can make it to blend product. I also love that the bristles are dark as it means you can see the amount of powder you have picked up so easily.

If you are looking for a new powder brush that is not only the softest and fluffiest brush you will ever own, but also 100% eco friendly (would be a perfect present for someone who is cruelty free) then you NEED to check out So eco!

What do you think of this brush and have you ever tried So eco before?
Love Laura x

*Product is a PR/brand sample
All opinions and thoughts are my own


  1. this brush looks so promising ! love it !


    1. It's amazing - you should definitely try it out!