Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12 - Manchester Christmas Markets

One place I HAVE to visit every year without fail are the Christmas markets in Manchester - I know some people call them the German markets but now, I feel it's way more multi-cultural.


Once these markets appear in the city centre, you know Christmas is well and truly on it's way and everything is getting festive! All these amazing little wooden huts and stalls are filled with everything festive from a range of different countries, you really are spoilt for choice in what you can buy especially when it comes to the food stalls which all smell amazing. Most of what is for sale has been made by the people selling it, so not only are you getting something which has had love and care put into it, you also get something thoroughly unique which makes for an excellent present - such as the above snow globes which are so cute!

I have to admit, my favourite part about the markets is the food! There's so much to try and as there are stalls from around the world, you get the opportunity to try so many different things - both savoury and sweet so there us something for everyone. One of my favourites is the waffles which are prepared as you wait and you can pretty much have any topping you want! Also another one sells waffles which are coated in chocolate - so delicious I completely forgot to take a photo and was too busy stuffing it in my face! #badblogger

Christmas Markets are definitely my favourite part about this time of year and of the ones I've been to, Manchester is one of the best - mainly because it's so big and it's not that far from where I live! One market I would love to visit would be Edinburgh as it always looks amazing and so festive. Oh and the ones in Germany are just the ultimate festivities!

Do you like to visit Christmas Markets and which is our favourite?
Love Laura x



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