Friday, 9 December 2016

Blogmas Day 9 - Protect Your Lips With Carmex

When it comes to winter, I always top up my supply of lip products, specifically lip balms as my lips get so dry with spending so much time outside. One brand I have used for years is Carmex, so I was so excited when they very kindly sent me their Christmas gift set.


This such a cute little gift set and I love the little box/carry bag it comes in and I think it makes it look so unique and it is also something you can keep all the products in if you wish - especially since it doesn't look super festive and just matched with the Carmex branding.

In the gift set, you get four of Carmex's favourite line products - you get:

- Carmex classic pot
- Carmex cherry tube
- Carmex vanilla stick
- Carmex moisture plus stick in pink

Apart from the 'Moisture Plus Stick in Pink' I have previously tried all of these and have absolutely loved them! All four of these products do amazing things for your lips and leave them feeling so soft and deeply mouisturised which is something you most definitely need in these cold winter months! Each of the Carmex products also contain SPF15, so they are also perfect for wearing throughout the year to keep your lips protected from all the elements.

I've been using all of these from the moment I received them, along with the ones I already owned, and my lips have never felt better and I've found it has helped lipstick apply a lot better and look smoother. They have also been perfect to put on after a day of wearing a matte liquid lipstick! I personally love that a couple of the products add a very sheer shine of colour which looks so natural, in particular the moisture plus stick in pink which is the one I hadn't used before but I think I've now used this more than any other!

This is such a cute little present or even a perfect stocking filler for anyone who is skincare obsessed, as they really do help keep your lips in perfect condition whatever the weather!

Do you use Carmex products? Also, what did you think of the photo? Please, let me know!
Love Laura x

*This is a PR/brand gift or sample
All opinions and thoughts are my own


  1. The photo looks great, but I'd love to see a bigger version of it! I've never used Carmex products before either but I know a lot of people love them.

    1. Thank you and you can click on the image to make it larger!