Monday, 19 December 2016

Blogmas Day 19 - Gift Ideas For Your Dog

If you're giving gifts to everyone, shouldn't your dog(s) be included too?! They are part of the family, so to me, it only seems right that they get a present...or 10 - trust me, my dog is very spoilt and not just at Christmas!


How cute are all these?! I want them all for my little dog! Anything to do with food is going to go down well with pretty much any dog, so how about a personalised bowl or food container? This would also be perfect of you have more than one dog, especially if they each have different food etc. A new toy is bound to go down well and there are so many to choose from, some Christmassy that I'm sure your dog will thank you for! 9How cute is the champagne bottle one?!) Also, a new bed or blanket, especially if they always nick yours! Getting one personalised with his/her name also makes it super cute and these ones I've included look so cosy, I almost want one for myself!

What are you buying for your dog this Christmas?
Love Laura x

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