Friday, 2 December 2016

Blogmas Day 2 - Galaxy Surprise Cupcakes

Probably one of the simplest recipes and while it isn't particularly Christmassy, they do taste amazing and will sure to be snapped up as soon as they've come out of the oven, but they do taste even better with the icing on top!



You Will Need...

100g butter
110g caster sugar
110g self-raising flour
2 eggs
100g icing sugar
2 Galaxy bars broken up
12 cupcake cases
Cupcake tin

For the cakes:
  • Preheat the oven to 180oC and put the cupcake cases into the tin.

  • In a large bowl, mix the butter and sugar together until fully combined and fluffy.

  • Add in the 2 eggs and flour until it is all mixed together with no lumps and looks smooth

  • Spoon the mixture evenly between the 12 cupcake cases

  • Put on piece of the chocolate in the centre of each cake and press down. Cover the chocolate with the mixture from either side.

  • Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown

  • Remove from the tray and place onto a cooling rack and leave until completely cold

For the icing:

  • Put the icing sugar in a bowl and add 2-3 tea spoons of water. Mix and add extra water if needed until it is combined and neither too thick nor too watery.

  • Using a tea spoon, drop a decent amount into the centre of each cupcake and spread out into a circle shape using the back of the spoon. Repeat for each cupcake.

There you have it, a simple yet delicious cupcake with a surprise centre, perfect as a snack or after tea treat for the whole family. It's safe to say, these didn't last long in my house and I'm sure they wont in yours!
Love Laura x


  1. These looks so easy to make, and delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Trust me, they are incredibly easy and quick to make!