Saturday, 17 June 2017

5 Food To Help Your Hair Grow

At one point or another, we've all wished for out hair to grow faster, but did you know that they are a number of delicious foods than can actually help it to reach Rapunzel length? Saying that, we all know that some of the things on the internet for hair growth don't actually work or, in worse case scenarios can damage your hair! Exactly what you DON'T want! These food's have been recommend by nutritionists, so you should try and incorporate them in you diet.



We all know that eggs in moderation are good for you but did you know that they are also amazing for your hair?! They contain biotin which is the main ingredient in a lot of hair growth supplements, but it's not the healthier whites that contains it, is actually the yolk! In fact, eating too many egg whites can actually stop the absorption of biotin - not what you want if your trying to grow your hair! Eggs also contain zinc, iron and protein.

Yellow Peppers

Did you know that yellow peppers contain nearly 5 and a half times more vitamin C than oranges?! Great news for your hair as it is an antioxidant that strengths the hair shaft and follicles meaning it is less lightly to suffer from breakage. Vitamin C also helps with absorption of iron by the body.  Yellow peppers are so easy to add to so many meals from a salad or stir fry to a stuffed pepper.


One of the main courses of hair not growing is a mineral deficiency and spinach is a great source of iron alongside magnesium, potassium and calcium to help you grow long and luxurious locks. It also contains sebum which is a natural conditioner to make your hair super shiny!


These are also a major source of biotin to help you get longer and thicker hair. A couple of handfuls of these per day is equivalent to a third of your daily recommend requirements and in a couple of month of introducing these to your diet, you should start seeing a difference to your hair. If your not keen on the taste, you should try the salt and vinegar ones from Graze, they are literally my new obsession!


Oysters contain a whole bucket load of zinc - a deficiency in zinc can be one of the causes of hair loss and poor hair condition so increasing your intact of foods packed with zinc can do loads of good for your head! A tiny 3 ounces of oysters contain 493% of your daily intake. Beef, crab and lobster are also good sources of zinc if your not keen on oysters!

Of course, there is no grantee that these foods will help you hair as everyone is different - its just the same as the shampoos, conditioners and masks that promote hair growth, some will work and some will make no difference! Since I've been including almonds into my diet, I'm sure your hair feels thicker!
Love Laura x


  1. Cool post and good advice! I will use it, because I dream of long hair. Kisses.

  2. Super helpful post! I didn't know that these things could help hair grow!
    -Lunaria L Moon

  3. Also pumpkin seeds and salmon. My favourite is however a pancake made if blended pumpkin seeds, eggs and pinch of salt.


  4. Ooo those salt and vinegar almonds sound awesome! I eat Almonds and Eggs quite regularly but I'll try incorporating the other foods in as well....except maybe not the Oysters!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  5. I never knew this. Thanks

  6. Nice thing I love almods and already eat loads of egg.I'm going to make sure I eat all of those so my hair keeps growing :)